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My Student Elisa Carmichael plays Waltzes by Franz Schubert


My student Tessie Dmaual plays "Swan" by C. Saint-Saens


  My student Tessie Dmaual plays Schumann Carnaval op. 9 "Chopin" 

From Tessie Dumaual. (Retired)

 I am a 67-yr old retiree who stopped taking piano lessons when I came to the US 36 years ago. Only after retiring did I think of taking lessons again. I found Edward Nemirovsky’s name in the internet and was lucky to have him as my teacher. He is a very patient teacher and knows how to get one motivated to practice and improve one’s playing. Of course 90% of the advancement comes from being disciplined in practicing ones lessons. Luckily, when I was growing up, my former teacher taught me the necessity of such discipline. With Edward, he taught me the joy of playing a piece that is played well. I still have a lot to learn but Edward knows how to pace the lessons so it gets to be a normal part of one’s technique in a natural way.


My Student Robin Tang plays "Fairy Tale" for Piano solo. By Michael Wong

From Robin Tang

Edward is a truly inspirational, passionate teacher. I only wish I had the fortune of meeting a teacher like him when I took piano lessons the first time around- almost 10 years ago- then I would have never quit playing. When I moved to the city after college, my interest in the piano was rekindled and I searched around for a teacher. After a short stint with a woman whose lessons felt boring and unstructured, I stumbled across Edward's website and called him to schedule a lesson that same day. The first lesson was so exhilarating and effective that I decided Edward was absolutely it, even if it meant going to a different borough for lessons each week.  

 Edward has been very accommodative of my work schedule and occasional last minute change of plans- not something you can say about every piano teacher. He teaches me a mix of classical fundamentals through scales and the likes of Beethoven, Bach, and Mozart, as well as some jazz principles such as chord progressions and improvisation. The pace of the class is fast enough to keep me challenged and interested, but Edward is also insistent that I play the same pieces to my maximum potential before allowing me to move on. Learning how to play as a 23-year-old almost from scratch definitely has its frustrating moments, especially since my work hours prevent me from practicing as much as I would like to. However, Edward's passion, teaching techniques and mastery of the instrument have encouraged me to stay motivated and engaged. After 6 months of lessons, I can truly see a difference in my playing ability as well as my understanding of music theory.                                

 Whether you are a busy professional considering picking up the piano again or thinking of introducing your child to the instrument for the first time, Edward is definitely one of the best teachers out there. I plan on taking lessons with him for as long as I live in the area. 

 Robin Tang, Investment Banker 


My student Levi plays Oginski Polonaise.



My student Luisa Zhou plays Chopin - Nocturne Op. 9 No. 2


My student Luisa plays Chopin Ocean Etude


My student Blair Boone plays "Zigeunerlieder" by J. Brahms.

From Blair Boone                                                                                  Executive Director – The Art Song Preservation Society, Inc (ASPS)                                                                  This letter serves as my strong recommendation for Edward Nemirovsky whom I have had the pleasure of studying    piano.                                                                                                                 I first met Edward during my search for a piano teacher who could assist with me working through some technical inconsistencies and weaknesses that I believed were holding me back from taking a graduate level piano accompaniment class at Westminster Choir College that I wanted to pursue in the fall of 2012. From our first lesson, and in each and every subsequent lesson, Edward was masterful in balancing the technical work required with the artistic aspirations of an adult student who needed to make up lost ground in order to participate in a class comprised of graduate piano performance and piano accompaniment majors. As the only non-piano major in the class at Westminster, it was remarkable to see how my private work with Edward each week produced tangible results. He not only kept me afloat and inspired me to not give up by working toward manageable ends to overcome technical deficiencies, but I also managed to come out of the class with an ‘A’. While I understand that I put in the work, I can say without any reservation whatsoever, that I could not have done so without Edward’s tireless help. Edward’s command of piano skills, his penetrating insight, his deep knowledge and his ability to motivate his students is what sets him apart from other piano teachers that I have had previously. Thanks to Edward, I feel like a true artist albeit one who still needs much development and practice. With Edward’s help, I am confident that I will continue to refine my technical skills and deepen my sensitivity and emotional response to any music put before me. Edward is an exemplary teacher so it is without reservation that I recommend him to any student looking to discover  the exuberance and joy of playing the piano.

 Blair Boone.   M.M., Master of Vocal Pedagogy Degree; Westminster Choir College                                              M.A., French Language Literature & Culture; Syracuse University                                                                        B.M. (Honors), Voice Performance; Syracuse University


My student Blair Boon plays L. Beethoven Sonata No. 8 / Adagio. 


My Student Blair plays Bach Goldberg Variations Aria


My student Sebastian plays R. Schumann "Happy Farmer"



My student Annie Duflo plays Robert Schumann Arabesque



My student Annie Duflo plays Jazz improvisations with her husband Sri.(From Recital)


   My student Emilie Rannou plays J. Massenet "Thaïs" Meditation                                  


Piano duo with my student Emilie. Beethoven's Sonata 4-hands

From Emilie Rannou

 In a nutshell, I would definitely recommend Edward as a piano teacher for anyone who is willing to playing the piano. He accepts students from beginner level to professional musicians. And he can come to your house for lessons. I have been playing the piano on and off since childhood. When I left Paris five years ago I had to stop playing the piano as my job was taking all my time.

In December 2015, still very much involved with my work I was hesitant to start taking piano lessons. I felt I was missing playing the piano but was not sure whether I would have the time and energy to play again, and I knew finding a great piano teacher is not something easy. In January 2016 I was introduced to Edward through one of my colleagues and decided to take a leap and get back to piano lessons. It was one of the best decisions I made in 2016! Edward is an amazing teacher and he resurrected my love of playing the piano. While in January 2016 I was not able to play any piece entirely without several mistakes, after a couple of months of lessons with Edward I performed during a recital he organized and played three pieces. Edward is very personable and he is very much involved in his work. He makes you work on your technique as well as on how to express yourself. The pieces he suggests can be anything from classical music to jazz music, including film songs or pop music(including four hands or notes to company a singer), and he is open to students wishes and suggestions as well. I found the pieces he suggested perfect in term of technicality, he always picked pieces which were sufficiently challenging for me and reasonably achievable. The lessons would include working on the notes, on the rhythm and on the interpretation. I would say that in addition to the technical competences of Edward, what makes him an amazing teacher is probably his intelligence. Edward is probably the best teacher I ever had so far. He understands very quickly what I need to work on and creates specific little exercises which proved to be very efficient. He is never criticizing. He makes me love the piece I amworking on and motivates me very easily. I have now made playing the piano a regular and whenever possible a daily routine. The small recitals that Edward organizes regularly are wonderful experiences. Even though it is not easy to play in public, it is an experience exceptionally  rewarding and it gives a sense of achievement which is very rare. Edward makes small videos which is nice so that you can share them with families and friends. 


My student Radu Constantinescu plays Waltz by F. Chopin


My student Radu Constantinescu plays Prelude (Bach / Siloti)

From Constantinescu, Radu

Edward is one of the most effective and supportive teachers I have been privileged to study with in my entire life. My statement applies across all disciplines and forms of instruction I have been exposed to -- from private language lessons as a kid to completing a Ph.D. in mathematics. After several unconvincing attempts at taking up piano as an adult, I finally met Edward almost two years ago. From the very first lesson, I felt that I was finally settling into a productive practice routine and able to progress towards meaningful musical goals.

Incidentally at the time we were also looking for a new piano teacher for my 10-year old son Andrew; after his trial lesson with Edward, my son asked to cancel all remaining trial lessons with other teachers. He wanted to work with Edward because he felt he would have clear guidance and would be able to make progress with every lesson. Andrew is quite an independent spirit, and his enthusiasm was reinforced later on when Edward involved him in the choice of repertoire and accommodated some of Andrew's own suggestions, including both classical and popular pieces.

Edward's willingness to accommodate his students' musical interests while carefully selecting technically realistic repertoire pieces works wonders. Even though I had no prior experience of playing in public, Edward's choice of instruction topics and practice techniques enabled me to start participating in his student recitals less than a year after we had met. My reservations as a slightly awkward adult beginner dissipated because of the strong musical interest of the pieces we were working on, as well as Edward's constant support overcoming any execution difficulties.

After a second more ambitious student recital in which I didn't do as well technically, Edward suggested changes in both repertoire and practice routines, which reignited my interest and dedication in spite of the temporary setback. Edward's detailed feedback and selection of the few most important aspects to work on at a given point of time led to constant progress and boosted my self-confidence.

Edward has also shown great support and understanding of the realities of balancing a busy adult life. Whenever I apologetically refer to the limited amount of time I am able to devote to piano practice between lessons, he always replies: "But you still have time to get together for our lesson? That is even more important than your own practice!".     I completely agree with him!

 Constantinescu, Radu                                             -

My student Keith plays Jazz compositions by Miles Davis and his own original jazz compositions.

From Keith Ward

Edward is a fantastic piano teacher. His background in many styles of music is essential to him being really flexible with what I'm typing to learn and improve on. I started taking lessons with him to continue to work on my jazz skills, improvisation and technique. His approach of making me slow down and focus on fundamentals has been really effective. I'd recommend him for anyone looking to study in NY at any level.

Keith Ward


My Student Griffin plays Schubert Sonata in A minor 2 movement


My Student Judith plays Jules Massenet Meditation


My student Adrian plays two songs by G. Kanchelli


My student Ruicheng plays Mendelssohn - Spring Song


My student Ruicheng Tong plays "Ballade Pour Adeline"


  From Ruicheng Tong

· I have taken piano lesson from Edward for more than 1 year now. I truly appreciate Edward’s dedication and professionalism. There are many piano teachers in NYC, but finding one that really works for you is hard. I feel I am very lucky to come cross Edward’s web site(http://www.edwardpiano.com) and made the right decision to have a try. The result is more than I expect. I started pretty much from ground zero, but after one year I was able to play musically some very beautiful classic and modern piano pieces in front of group of people. I would attribute this to Edward’s great dedication and professionalism. Edward himself is a professional composer and pianist with many years of experience. His students range from professional musician to beginner like me. But he customizes the teaching method to individual. No matter you are a fast learner or a slow learner like me, he works closely with you and help improve all aspects of your musicianship. For busy professional like me, Edward has great patient and work with great effort to help navigate through all the technical and artistic difficulties. Sometimes I feel Edward actually works harder than I myself. I am looking forward to learning from Edward for many years to come. If you are looking for a piano teacher, I highly recommend Edward. No matter what level you are, you should definitely give it a try and the result may happily surprise you!                                                


My student Andrew Constantinescu plays "I have a dream" - ABBA


My student Alica (7 years old) plays theme from Symphony No. 94 by J. Haydn

My student Tatiana Shatenko.  Schubert - "Ave Maria".

(Piano accompaniment)


My student Blair Boon. "Unforgettable"

(Piano accompaniment)


My student Louiza plays Prelude in E-Minor by F. Shopin.

From Louiza F. – investment professional.

 I’ve been practicing with Edward for almost two years. His patience, reassurance and genuine interest in my progress have been so helpful. Each lesson has been extremely positive and allowed me to gain confidence in my ability to play again. No matter how hectic my schedule could be as a working mom, Edward has been so encouraging and flexible, always helping me to review what we have learned (if I had no time to practice) and to learn something new giving me a new goal to reach. I am so happy to see the progress I’ve made with Edward’s help.  I would recommend him to anyone looking for a piano teacher


My student Anna Harrington plays Sonata No. 20 by L. Beethoven

                                                      From Anna Harrington
There are many excellent musicians in New York City who offer piano lessons, but it is much more difficult to find those who, like Edward, are also excellent teachers. Like many of Edward's other students, I played the piano as a kid and decided to return to it as an adult after a very long hiatus. I'm embarrassed to say that I remembered almost nothing from my childhood lessons, and I felt like I was learning the basics for the first time.

I've been taking lessons with Edward for one year, and have gone from re-learning the C major scale to performing a Beethoven Sonata in front of other students - but perhaps more importantly, I have regained my love for the piano. I attribute much of this to Edward's teaching style, which is rigorous, but patient, and highly personalized. My fear in returning to the piano was that it would make me feel like a 12-year-old doing homework again, but Edward has a unique ability to motivate and inspire. He also is tremendously flexible and understanding of the busy lives of his adult students, and he tailors each lesson to whatever progress I have made since my last one (even when it's not much at all ).

Learning from Edward has been such a fun and challenging experience, and I can't recommend him enough to students of any level.

Anna Harrington


My student Aja plays Bach Prelude in E Minor.


Studies piano accompaniment.

My student Blair Boone plays accompaniment.   Elegie by Henri Duparc

My student Blair Boon plays accompaniment for "Beau Soir" Debussi and Bizet "Carmen".



Edward Nemirovsky.  Original compositions

Impromtu for piano

Romantic Etude

Autumn Prelude

Slow Waltz